Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lesson Number 3

You don't have to wear like the west to be cool
You don't have to show part of your hair to be cute
You don't have to wear white short cloths to be a good Muslim man
You don't have to show your nick to attract men
You don't have to wear Niqab to go to Jannah
You know what Islam mean
You know the rule
Islam is your culture
Just keep it , act as you are , by your location rules
Modify the rules to match Islamic rules
Islam don't have cloths to wear
It have rules to follow
Follow the rules by your country culture
Don't follow other countries culture
Because some of them failed to be like you
So they started to make you like them

Follow your own rules not others rules , as long as it match Islamic rules

credit picture to weit

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